Tiger·tec Silver® turns cast iron amazingly easily

​When it comes to turning steel materials, Tiger•tec® Silver has been the measure of all things for quite some time. The power reserves of the high-performance cutting tool material ensure a tool life that far exceeds current cutting tool materials.

Walter is now offering the same performance with new Tiger•tec® Silver cutting materials for turning cast iron materials. The indexable inserts from the new Tiger•tec® Silver ISO P generation guarantee high performance when turning steel thanks to this special combination of a new cutting tool material and new geometry. In many cases, the users benefit from performance increases of 75 percent. This leap forward is largely based on a newly optimised micro-structure of the wear-reducing aluminium-oxide coating.

An additional special mechanical post-treatment of the cutting surface ensures compressive stress in the coating which counteracts the break-away of the cutting edges. The new ISO K indexable inserts for turning grey cast iron (EN-GJL), ductile cast iron (EN-GJS) and vermicular cast iron (EN-GJV) now also offer these advantages. Walter's first two offerings are the WKK10S (ISO K10) and WKK20S (ISO K20) cutting material grades. Both are initially available in combination with the MK5 universal geometry; further grades and geometries will follow.