Xtra·tec® XT

Xtra·tec® XT

Performance and reliability
extend your perspective.

Xtra·tec® XT - indexable inserts

Performance and reliability in equal measure – a unique experience.

Xtra·tec® XT is a new generation of tools that combines efficiency and process reliability on a whole new level.

  • Maximum stability, maximum productivity
  • No need for additional finishing operations
  • Universal use
  • Indexable inserts in Tiger·tec® Silver and Tiger·tec® Gold
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Xtra·tec® XT

Xtra·tec® XT milling tools offer a new perspective on productivity:
Better performance, greater process reliability.

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Longer tool life - Xtra·tec® XT  

Impressive performance,
winning solution.

Xtra·tec® XT demonstrates its superiority with impressive figures:

  • Maximum stability for optimum productivity
  • Maximum process reliability thanks to the new pocket position design
  • Tiger·tec® cutting tool materials guarantee extremely high cutting data
Example applications

Xtra·tec® XT

Better performance, greater process reliability: The latest generation in the successful range of Walter milling tools not only meets both these requirements but takes them to a whole new level.



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Xtra·tec® XT by Walter boasts a striking new design feature: The pocket position design for the Tiger·tec® indexable inserts.

This may sound simple but it has a huge impact: When used in combination with the superior properties of Tiger·tec® cutting tool materials, the new arrangement of the indexable inserts opens up a completely new perspective on productivity. Never before has so much performance potential been available in machining – and never before has it been so reliable.

Efficiency - Xtra·tec® XT  


Powered by Tiger·tec® Gold

The new Tiger▪tec® Gold indexable inserts enable our high-performance milling tools to reach a new level of productivity.

Tiger·tec® Gold

Larger cross-section

The larger cross-section of the carbide surrounding the indexable insert hole ensures far higher stability. This makes the indexable inserts less susceptible to breakage and increases process reliability.

Larger cross-section  

More contact

The smaller clearance angle of the indexable inserts results in a larger contact surface. This reduces the surface pressure, which in turn relieves some of the load in the insert seat. This makes the tool body better able to absorb the higher forces that are generated at higher feeds.

Larger contact surface for lower surface pressure.  

Reinforced insert pocket

The special position in which the Tiger·tec® indexable inserts are installed makes the insert pocket more resistant to the high resultant cutting forces and enables longer screws to be used. The indexable inserts are thereby held securely in the insert seat.

Reinforced insert pocket  

xtratec-xt-face-milling cutter  

Tougher, double-sided indexable inserts with the clamping screw at an angle: More teeth for 45° face milling cutters

Eight cutting edges per indexable insert make machining precise and reliable – even over a long period of time. The resulting reduction in the cost of cutting materials and the more efficient use of resources are more than just happy side effects.

Invest in the future

Xtra·tec® XT and Walter Green represent shared responsibility for our use of precious resources. From sourcing the raw materials to development and manufacture, all the way through to packaging and storage – the entire CO2 needs of Xtra·tec® XT are balanced, documented and compensated.

Reinforced insert pocket

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Xtra·tec® XT shoulder milling cutter M5130 with AC.T0602.. (Metric) or AC.T0602.. (Inch)

Xtra·tec® XT shoulder milling cutter M5130 with BC.T1605.. (Metric) or BC.T1605.. (Inch)

Xtra·tec® XT face milling cutter M5009 with SN.X0904..