100 Jahre Stories of Innovation

1919 - 2019

Stories of innovation

  1. 1919

    Richard Walter founded »Metallurgische Gesellschaft Richard Walter und Co.« in Düsseldorf. He concentrated primarily on researching sintered carbide alloys and new metallurgical processes.

    Richard Walter
  2. 1927

    After the local factory premises was purchased in 1925, the »Montanwerke Walter Tübingen« was founded, focussed on producing brazed carbide milling tools. The next year, Richard Walter applied for his first patent for tungsten carbide-based carbide; this would be followed by over 200 more patents..

  3. 1945

    Richard Walter passed away. His son-in-law, Dr Giovanni Mambretti, took over the management of the company. He prevented the factory in Tübingen from being completely decommissioned, thus securing Walter‘s future.

  4. 1953

    Walter developed the first fully automatic milling head grinding machines that revolutionised the metals sector.

    Messerkopf Schleifmaschine
  5. 1960

    After the death of Giovanni Mambretti, his widow, Vera Walter-Mambretti, led the company, which by then employed 790 staff members at sites in Tübingen, Starnberg and Düsseldorf.

    Montanwerke Walter Aktie
  6. 1965

    Franco Mambretti took over the leadership of the company. With a strategic vision, Richard Walter‘s grandson transformed the family business, step-by-step, into a global player.

    Franco Mambretti
  7. 1967

    The first international subsidiary in Vienna heralded Walter‘s internationalisation. Its expansion strategy allowed Walter to establish a presence in 80 countries across every continent over the coming decades.

    Walter Tochtergesellschaft
  8. 1968

    The Wendelnovex was a pioneering innovation introduced to the market by Walter. It was not only a huge commercial success – it also revolutionised milling technology.

  9. 1974

    Walter released the first porcupine milling cutter with perforated, easily replaceable indexable inserts. One year later, Walter presented the Novex 2000 system, the first of a brand new generation of tools.

    System Novex 2000
  10. 1976

    The Helitronic grinding machine signalled the start of a new era. The world‘s first numerically controlled machine paved the way for future CNC technology.

    Schliefmaschine Helitronic
  11. 1977

    As »Walter Hartmetall GmbH«, Walter re-entered the world of in-house carbide production and constructed a modern production site in Münsingen.

    Walter Hartmetall GmbH
  12. 1989

    Walter presented Tool Data Management (TDM), a software solution that enabled users to efficiently manage their tools using a modular building block system for the first time; an important step on the path to becoming a service-oriented systems supplier.

    Tool Data Management
  13. 1994

    Internationalisation reached its peak. In the next 10 years, Walter opened an additional twelve sales companies.

    Walter Vertriebsgesellschaft
  14. 2001

    The two-colour Tiger·tec® indexable inserts set new standards at the beginning of the new millennium, generating significant sales increases from the moment they were launched.

    Tiger Tec
  15. 2002

    In 2001, the Walter family sold their shares of the company to Swedish competitor Sandvik. Franco Mambretti resigned as CEO in the summer of 2002.

  16. 2004

    Walter redesigned its strategy – the grinding machine division, which had been an important part of the company, was sold. The acquisition of »Werner Schmitt PKD-Werkzeug AG« made Walter the world‘s leading complete provider for machining solutions.

    Werner Schmitt PKD Werkzeug AG
  17. 2006

    In 2006, a major fire broke out in the Tübingen plant; fortunately, no one was harmed. Indexable insert production was entirely relocated to Münsingen, now one of the most modern production sites in the world.

    Brand bei der Walter AG
  18. 2008

    The Walter Titex and Walter Prototyp brands for high-performance drilling, milling and threading became part of the Walter Group. Two years later, Walter achieved another pioneering success: Founding the Walter Multiply brand, which specialises in services and process optimisation.

    Walter Multiply
  19. 2016

    The newly built Technology Center was opened at the Tübingen plant. As an impressive core for Walter, it showed off the possibilities of digital transformation and thus pointed to the future of innovative metalworking.

    Walter Technology Center
  20. 2019

    Stories of Innovation. Our rich history is the foundation for our success in the future.

    100 Jahre Walter AG

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