Good to know

Tips for applicants

Can I send a speculative application?
Please only apply for posted vacancies (online job market).

Which documents should I send with my application?
Ideally, you should upload a cover letter and CV to the online portal; Attach any applicable certifications or (job) references (max. attachment size 5 MB).

When can I expect to hear back from you?

You will receive an automatic confirmation of receipt directly after submitting your application. We will send out invitations to applicants once the deadline for applications passes at the latest. At this point, you can personally enquire after the status of your application by getting in touch with the respective contact person.

What should I wear to the interview?

A suit is not usually required; however, your appearance should always be neat and tidy – always depending on the respective position, of course.

When should I arrive for my interview?

Arriving five to ten minutes before the agreed time is sufficient.

Who will be interviewing me on behalf of the company?

Normally, the interview will be conducted by someone from the Human Resources department and the direct supervisor for the vacancy (for subsequent interviews, the head of the department, a colleague, etc. may also be present)

What can I expect from the first interview?

The purpose of the meeting is to give you the chance to get to know us and vice versa – in a professional, but friendly atmosphere – without extensive testing, long assessment centres or the like.
We will ask you about the salary you're expecting, but detailed salary negotiations are not part of the first interview.
We may also discuss certain tasks that are specific to the role advertised.

Should I bring anything to the interview?

There is no need to bring any further application documents.