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1. How to use the vacancies pages?

Please click on the intended links and buttons within the system to navigate back and forth in the application form e.g. “Previous” and “Next”.
If you use the web browsers "back" or "forward" function you can lose the information you have added. 

2. There are a number of vacancies which have the same name, how do I know which one I saw advertised?

Please enter the Job Opening ID in the Basic Job Search. Every vacancy has a unique Job ID and this will help you track the vacancies you are interested in.

3. Where do I enter my contact details?

At first time you are creating a user profile, you will enter the personal details. If you want to update your personal details, please login and click on the ‘My Personal Details’ link available in top section.

4. How do I upload my resume (CV) and cover letter?

When you click the “Apply Now” button, you enter into the Application form and can upload or write a new CV/Cover letter for the job you are applying for.

5. Where do I upload additional attachments?

You can upload Additional attachments e.g. diploma, job certificate as you apply for a Job in the application form. If you later want to upload Additional attachments, please login and navigate to the ‘My Applications’ page. Then click the “Add Attachment” link at the bottom of the page to upload your attachment/s.

6. How do I know whether you have received my application?

You will receive an automated response from us notifying you that your application has been received. Your application will then be reviewed and you can expect to hear whether your application has been successful within 3 weeks of the closing date of the vacancy.

7. I have been referred by an employee for the open position. How do I apply?

If you have been referred by an employee, you would apply for the job in the same manner as other applicants. On step 4 in the application form please enter the name of the employee.

8. Can I talk to someone about the job?

Please refer to the contact details in the advertisement for the job for more information.

9. I saved an initiated application for later, where do I find it now?

Please login and navigate to ‘My Applications’ link available in top section. Any application that is not fully finalized will have the status ‘Not Applied’.

10. Can I see what jobs I have applied for?

Please login and navigate to ‘My Applications’ link available in top section. Any application submitted has the status ‘Applied’.

11. How do I know whether I have been successful?

Your application will be reviewed and if you are qualified for the position you will be contacted by a recruiter to confirm the next steps in the process.

12. When can I expect to hear whether my application is being progressed?

Response times will vary depending on the volume of applications received.

13. How many stages will there be in the recruitment process?

The number of stages in the recruitment process depends largely on the type of position you have applied for. Usually the selection process comprises of two stages.

14. Who can I contact regarding the position I applied for?

You will be contacted by a recruiter if you have been chosen to move forward in the process. If you have questions, please refer to the contact details in the job advertisement for more information.

15. How do I know what the salary and benefits package is for the job I am applying for?

Our salary packages are very competitive. Please refer to the contact details in the job advertisement for the job you are applying.

16. I forgot my user name or password, how do I retrieve it?

Please ‘Login or Register’ and click in the “I forgot my user name/password” link. The user name or password will be sent to the email address registered in your profile.

17. We are using cookies

- Our website uses cookies and if a recent changes have been made to our careers page, you may need to empty your cache in order to see the changes.. A cookie is a small data file with text which is stored in your browser. Cookies are saved on your computer's hard drive until you, or the server which sent them, delete them. When you surf the internet each visited location leaves information in your computer's cache.
- To delete cookies and cache in your browser, look under the tab "tools" where you choose "Clear Recent History" or similar, depending upon which browser you use. After this is completed, it is important to close down all open browser windows and then open a new browser, which will be without cookies, and cache history.

18. Will I be contacted if another vacancy arises that is similar to one I have applied for?

No, you will need to apply for every vacancy you are interested in. Use the ‘Subscribe to Jobs’ functionality to get an automatic e-mail response as soon as a job that matches your criteria is posted. See more details about this below.

19. Where can I find the "Subscribe to jobs" option?

To be able to subscribe to jobs you first need to login, click on the ‘Job Search’ link at the top of the page. Enter applicable search criteria and click ‘Save Search” button. Name your search, e.g. “IT-jobs”, and enter your email address before you click in the ‘Save Search’ button. When jobs that match your criteria become available, an e-mail will automatically be sent to you, with a link to the job.

20. How do I cancel my subscription?

If you want to cancel your subscription, please login and click on the ‘My Saved Search” link available in top section. Click on the Delete Search-link to delete the saved search.