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Careers with prospects

​We offer various entry opportunities for different target groups.
In combination with your training or degree, you can join us directly as a "young professional", even without any professional experience. Another option is, of course, for you to join us as a professional with previous experience.

There are two possible career paths at Walter AG: specialist or management. Step by step, you will be given tasks that carry ever-increasing responsibility throughout your career and this will bring you closer to your goal of becoming an expert or a manager.​

As both an expert and a manager, exciting and interesting tasks await you in an international environment. As an expert, you will be the internal contact person for questions relating to your specialist area. In addition, taking on project and process responsibility will be part of your tasks. As a manager, not only will you have project and process responsibility, you will also have management responsibility.

We will support and guide you along your career path. On the one hand, this will be done through our "Performance Management" and "Competence Development" processes, and on the other hand, through wide-ranging further education opportunities offered by our Walter Academy.

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