Turbine housing

Turbine housing

Alloyed steels and steel casting

Manufacturing housings for energy production systems is precision work involving many time-consuming process steps. The complete solutions we offer for all process stages involved in machining operations in the power generation industry are highly efficient.

We can provide you with the right tool for each individual cut: For milling, drilling, threading and turning. Walter solutions reduce tool change and chip-to-chip times to a minimum without compromising on quality. At the same time, they reduce the number of clamping operations needed and therefore reduce non-productive times. This means that you can achieve more added value.

Milling grooves in the flat position

Our solution:
Walter WF351 slotting cutter

  • Flexible cartridge system for roughing and finishing cartridges
  • High level of accuracy as a result of the precision location of the cartridges
  • Milling of surfaces to Ra 1.6 thanks to wiper technology

Benefits for you:
High levels of flexibility and precision when roughing and finishing internal grooves in the housing.

Roughing joint faces

Our solution:
Walter M3016 heavy-duty cutter

  • Differential tooth pitch, good chip clearances for optimum chip removal
  • Tiger·tec® Silver cutting tool materials for long tool life and a high level of process reliability, even for wet machining
  • Protection provided for the indexable insert seat by an additional carbide shim seat which also functions as an "emergency cutting edge"
  • One insert dimension for various lead angles

Benefits for you:
Excellent cutting data, machining performance and process reliability. Lower tool and cutting tool material costs as a result of fewer identification numbers, administrative workload and inventory.

Finishing burner holes

Our solution:
Walter B3234 precision boring tool

  • Internal coolant supply directly at the cutting edge
  • Bridge version with cartridges (dia. 150–640 mm)
  • With Walter Capto™ or NCT interface
  • High-precision adjustment (0.01 mm scale with vernier)

Benefits for you:
Powerful, modular precision boring tool: Equipped with Tiger·tec® Silver indexable inserts with three cutting edges, available in all standard sizes.

Producing connection hole counterbores

Our solution:
MODCO® back counterbore

  • High-tech actuation tool
  • Cutting edges which can be actuated automatically (z = 2)
  • Precise activation using coolant or compressed air

Benefits for you:
Back counterboring, even under unfavourable conditions. No need to change the countersunk heads in the production area.