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Growth, competitive pressure and innovation in general mechanical engineering provide this industry with a continuous flow of new challenges in component manufacturing. This is also true for turning. Thin-walled components in particular, require soft-cutting turning tools and geometries. For these requirements too, we have the right tool.

To increase productivity even further, we employ combination tools for our users. Combining several machining operations into one dispenses with the need for time-consuming tool changes. For the user, this means reduced unit costs and free tool spaces on the machine magazine.​

Even our standard portfolio offers a comprehensive selection of turning and grooving tools. Our new turning geometries FP5, MP3, MP5 and RP5 equip you with the optimum tools for roughing and finishing operations.

The new geometries are characterised by their tough cutting edges and their special Tiger•tec® Silver coating. These provide tool lives which are far beyond average.

The Walter Capto™ adaptor notably plays a particular role in turning. The unique polygon allows extremely high torques to be achieved. The stability of the taper (1:20) and the support face mean that they are self-retaining.

Few gauge cuts are required, if any, because of a repeatability of (±) 2 µm in terms of centre height and linear /radial position.

Walter also offers a broad spectrum of precision tools for grooving. Whether for parting off, grooving, recessing or copy turning, Walter cutting tool materials in conjunction with the right toolholder allow you to achieve optimal cutting data and high process reliability.

Walter grooving tools have a low tendency towards vibration, produce better surface quality and ensure longer tool life and good chip control.