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Compressor guide and rotor blade

Turbine blades, as they are used in energy generation, are exposed to extremely high thermal and physical stresses. Only materials with difficult cutting properties such as Inconel or similar high temperature alloys are used in their manufacture. Complex blade profiles often represent an additional challenge.

We offer integrated tool solutions for these workpieces and ensure precision and cost efficiency.

Here is a selection:

  • Walter copy mill F2334R for roughing the turbine blade
  • Walter Xtra•tec® shoulder mill F4042R for roughing, semi-finishing and finishing
  • Walter profile mill for roughing, semi-finishing and finishing the base profile
  • Walter Prototyp solid carbide end mill for machining the transitions
  • Walter Prototyp ConeFit™ mill for machining the base profile

With our tools, we ensure that tool change and chip to chip times are reduced to an absolute minimum, while still maintaining extremely high quality. In this way, more added value is achieved.​