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Turbine disc

A large number of OEMs produce gas turbines consisting of several discs which are fastened to a shaft. Turbine discs represent a great challenge for the machining industry. They are complex components made of materials with difficult cutting properties, such as Inconel 718. The task is to perform profile machining operations under difficult access conditions.

And we have just the right tools for the task.

Here is a selection:

  • Walter Cut Capto™ for grooving blade grooves and seal grooves
  • Drilling with Xtra-Tec® insert drill up to 5xD
  • Turning with ceramic indexable inserts for the external and internal diameters, and for necking, grooving and profile machining


With our tools, we ensure that tool changes and chip to chip times are reduced to an absolute minimum, while still maintaining extremely high quality. With our highly productive solutions, we reduce the number of clamping operations and, consequently, non-productive times. In this way, more added value is achieved.​