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Impellers fitted in gas turbines have to withstand a particularly great deal of stress. Depending on their environment, these components must be oxidation-, heat- and acid-resistant. Eligible materials are therefore almost exclusively titanium, titanium alloys or particularly resistant steel alloys.

Particularly when machining small impeller turbine blades, we put our trust in high-precision milling cutters with a long tool life. What is required here is simultaneous 5-axis machining with forceful movements of the rotational axes. Because of small batch sizes and high material costs, maximum process reliability is essential.

  • Walter HPC Xtra•tec® F4030 and Walter Xtra•tec® F4042 for roughing the clearances
  • Walter Prototyp ConeFit™ and solid carbide tools for finishing the turbine blades and transitions

With our tools, we ensure that tool changes and chip to chip times are reduced to an absolute minimum, while still maintaining extremely high quality. In this way, more added value is achieved.​