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Kaplan blade

Kaplan turbines are water turbines against which water flows in an axial direction and have an adjustable blade wheel. They were developed from the Francis turbine by Viktor Kaplan. The blade wheel is similar to a ship's propeller with adjustable impeller blades. This turbine is a reaction-type turbine in which the water pressure decreases as it passes from the inlet into the blade wheel through to the outlet. Its efficiency is between 80 and 95 percent. It is suitable for large hydraulic power stations located on calmly flowing water.

For the manufacture of a Kaplan turbine, we provide efficient metal cutting tools and complementary machining processes.

Here is a selection of our tools:

  • Walter he​avy-duty cutter for roughing the flange and the turbine blades
  • Walter porcupine cutter for roughing the flange external diameter
  • Walter ball nose mill for pre-machining the blade transitions
  • Walter round insert cutter for finishing the turbine blades
  • Walter indexable insert drills and boring tools for machining the flange holes
  • Walter round insert cutter and octagon mill as roughing tools for the circular interpolation milling of the flange centre hole​​