Walter Tools

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Pelton turbine

The Pelton turbine works according to the reaction principle. Water ejected from one or several nozzles hits the blades of the blade wheel at very high speed. The Pelton turbine is an impulse turbine in which the water has the same pressure before and after the power output stage. Each blade transmits force to the blade wheel for a short time only. Because of this alternating stress on the blades, there is a risk of fatigue fractures, which is why the wheel is usually manufactured from a single piece of material.

We have the right tools and processes for machining which provides both cost efficiency and process reliability.

Here is a selection:

  • Walter turning tools for roughing and finishing the blade outer contour
  • Walter drilling and boring tools for the flange screw connections
  • Walter round insert cutter for roughing the outer and inner contour of the blade
  • Walter High-Performance mill for roughing and finishing operations involving considerable projection lengths
  • Walter profile mill for finishing the blade inner contour