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Wicket gates

Wicket gates in water turbines are a non-rotating yet adjustable radial grille of blades which controls the inflowing volume of water and can also cause it a swirl. The wider the opening, the faster the water flows and the higher the energy yield. The guide grille contributes towards keeping the speed, and therefore the output, of a turbine constant.

We have just the right metal cutting tools and processes for machining the blades of the guide grille and guaranteeing cost-efficient machining.

Here is a selection of our tools:

  • Walter heavy-duty cutter for roughing the flange and the profiles
  • Walter porcupine cutter for roughing the flange external diameter
  • Walter ball nose mill for pre-machining the profile transitions
  • Walter round insert cutter for finishing the profiles
  • Walter indexable insert drills and boring tools for machining the flange holes
  • Walter round insert cutter and octagon mill as roughing tools for the circular interpolation milling of the flange centre hole