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Turbine blade

The centripetal acceleration of a turbine blade, which at full load peaks at a coverage of 500 metres per second, is almost 160,000 m/s2. The centrifugal forces which are generated in the process at the blade and the blade base are around 550 tons, which correspond to the weight of an Airbus A380.

Materials with difficult cutting properties, complex blade profiles and unstable clamping arrangements are the three great challenges for the machining industry. At the same time, the costs per piece must be low and the quality flawless.

As part of our complete machining solutions, we offer an array of intermatched metal cutting tools for machining turbine blades.

These solutions include amongst others:

  • Walter copy mill F2334R for roughing the turbine blade
  • Walter Xtra•tec® shoulder mill F4042R for roughing, semi-finishing and finishing
  • Walter profile mill for roughing, semi-finishing and finishing the base profile
  • Walter Prototyp solid carbide end mill for milling the transitions
  • Walter Prototyp ConeFit™ mill for machining the base profile