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Turbine housing

The manufacture of turbine housings is one of the most time-consuming and complex processes in machining. Among the reasons for this are the complex component geometries and sophisticated materials which are involved. For many years, Walter has been offering our customers well thought-out, holistic machining solutions which allow tool changes and clamping operations to be reduced to a minimum, while maintaining the same high level of quality.

For these housings, the following tools are used, amongst others:

  • Walter heavy-duty cutter F2265 for roughing the interfaces
  • Walter steam-tight mill for finishing the interface
  • Walter Xtra•tec® porcupine cutter F4138 for roughing and semi-finishing
  • Walter Boring and Precision Maxi for counterboring and precision boring large diameters
  • Walter Titex X•treme for drilling the core holes
  • Walter Prototyp Paradur™ HT for creating the blind hole threads
  • Walter MODCO back countersink for the fully automatic machining of screw head countersinks on undercut surfaces