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Thermal shaft

Thermal shafts in steam turbines can often be 10 metres long and weigh more than 100 tons. Machining such a shaft frequently takes months to complete and, in the process, up to 20 tons of chips are produced. This is decidedly one of the most demanding tasks encountered in machining.

For this task, we develop individual, cost-effective machining solutions which we then convert into practice with our high-precision special tools.

These include amongst others:

  • Walter Cut Capto™ for grooving blade grooves and seal grooves
  • Walter bell milling cutter for roughing curved blade grooves
  • Walter Prototyp profile finishing mill made of solid carbide or HSS for finishing the groove profile
  • Walter profile mill with indexable inserts for finishing straight and curved grooves
  • Walter profile mill made of solid carbide for finishing small grooves
  • Walter MODCO back countersink for the fully automatic machining of countersinks in undercut surfaces