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The gearbox of a wind turbine consists of several complex components which must work optimally and smoothly together in order that a maximum energy yield is guaranteed.



Because of its complex shape, it is already difficult to clamp the gearbox housing into place for machining. Possible vibrations which may be produced during machining are yet another factor.​​


The planetary gears are fastened to the planetary carrier. It establishes the connection between the bull gears, sun gear and ring gear. During machining, milling and turning operations are used.


The ring gear in the gearbox contributes to the conversion of low input speeds (rotor) to higher output speeds (generator). The diameter of ring gears is usually between 1000 and 2500 mm. During machining, optimum and true-to-form gear hobbing is particularly important in order to minimise subsequent process costs (grinding).


The torque support is created from ductile cast iron. This component is used to fasten the gearbox to the platform, whereby rotations with the main shaft and the rotor are prevented. Because of the large, flat shape, it is important to achieve the correct clamping arrangement in order to prevent vibrations during machining.

We offer the appropriate machining processes and the right metal cutting tools for all gearbox components.