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Threading tools


Increasing competitive constraints force the manufacturer to continually make cost savings. Constantly increasing demands with respect to component quality and process reliability, as well as the machining of high-alloy tool steels, represent new challenges for all of the components of the process system in machining.

Threading tools from the competence brand Walter Prototyp stand for innovation, cost reduction, increasing productivity and having that competitive edge. Our comprehensive range of catalogue products offers the right tool whatever the machining method or process.

HSS-E (-PM) and solid carbide taps and thread formers as well as thread mills and indexable inserts.

From larger size M1, these tools are available as part of the standard range.​

As a result of extremely high process reliability, even with deep blind- and through-hole threads, as well as an excellent thread surface and optimal machine outputs, our Walter Prototyp tools offer flexible application possibilities and put an end to tool confusion through their ISO certification marking.​

The cutting geometry and the larger cutting diameter mean that all forming edges of the Protodyn (S) Plus participate equally in the forming process. This results in even wear behaviour, improved running-in behaviour and significantly longer tool life.

Further advantages of our thread formers include: chip removal dispensed with as a result of cold working, significantly less roughness in the flanks than with thread cutting, and better thread surface. Cold work hardening of the thread flanks and in the root of the thread result in approximately 20 % greater pull-out strength under static load. The greater machining reliability thanks to incredibly stable tools is due to the large core cross section and no additional flutes. ​