Walter Tools

Weld seam and tube end machining

Tube welding edge milling


New pipeline projects and investments by the chemical industry has led to an increasing demand worldwide for special tubes. In order to be successful in a competitive market, tube manufacturers are opting for high-performance products which are optimally tailored to their individual intended use.

Plated materials are increasingly being used in this domain, where different metals are assembled to form a composite material by special rolling processes. These materials place particular demands on milling.

The Walter tool range for tube machining comprises tools for preparing the weld seams, for deburring the weld seams inside and out, and a tooling system for machining tube ends. Cleanly prepared edges are the deciding factor here.​


Tool bodies

Essentially two types of basic tool bodies are used: monobloc mills with fixed insert seats and modular mills with segments (known as cartridge mills). This allows different kinds of profiles to be produced.

Profiles I, Y, X, X + I


​Modular milling system

There are generally two basic bodies available for this system (cutting direction left and right), with cartridges in neutral position. The cutting contour, angles, chamfering and the cutting geometry are determined by the shape of the cartridges. By changing the cartridges, it is possible to quickly and easily change the cutting profile if required. In cases of damage, the cartridges are merely replaced, without any additional adjustment.
The advantages of the modular system are to be found, above all, in its simple and variable application as a result of the basic body and the adaptation to the respective profile by means of the segments.
The latest cutting edge geometries and cutting tool materials are used for this. This combination allows us to obtain the optimal cost-benefit ratio for a perfect machining solution.