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Bogies in detail


Contact surface machining

Due to its positive and soft cutting action, the Xtra•tec® face mill achieves extremely high metal removal rates when machining bogie contact surfaces, even on lower-performance machines. In addition, the face mill provides a high level of process reliability and allows low cutting material costs thanks to the Tiger·tec®Silver indexable inserts with 8 cutting edges. ​


Pivot point machining

For machining the pivot point, our porcupine cutter with its tough and strong Tiger•tec® Silver indexable inserts distinguishes itself from the rest by means of its flexibility in shoulder milling and trimming. The axial fixed stop behind the first row of inserts ensures additional process reliability when machining steel and cast iron materials.

Through-hole cutting

The Xtra·tec® Insert Drill achieves higher machining values and minimal hole tolerances when cutting through-holes. This tool has four actual cutting edges and strong insert clamping. For the user, that means more productivity and precision when drilling or spot drilling in steel, cast iron and stainless steel.


Blind-hole and through-hole thread machining

The universal HSS-E thread former from Walter Prototyp guarantees long tool life and extremely high machining reliability (without swarf packing and chip removal problems) when cutting blind-hole and through-hole threads. It performs impressively in all formable materials, producing an excellent thread surface and achieving an excellent cost-benefit ratio.