Tool management

From tool purchase to process support

Tool Management - broadening machining expertise


Successful, high-performance companies set themselves apart from the rest by focussing their processes as far as possible on core competences and the essential elements of value creation. Following these successful examples, more and more companies are considering outsourcing their non-value-creating processes.

On this basis, Walter Multiply has developed a service that takes tool procurement to a new level. With the combination of competence brands Walter, Walter Titex and Walter Prototyp, Tool Management – part of the Walter Multiply programme – can achieve tool availability levels of 100%.

Walter Multiply always favours the purchase of the tool which can demonstrate the most impressive performance on the market with regard to a specific type of machining. It always checks the possible use of competitors' products. For machining requirements which cannot be satisfied with Walter competence brand tools, the best solution available on the market is procured.

Multiply's Tool Management system generates real added value, right from the beginning.​