Service provision, one step further

Services offered


​Setting up and commissioning a toolroom is a responsible task. From planning to implementation of high-performance toolrooms, Walter Multiply offers a flexible and efficient service package.

According to individual requirements, the package can cover on-site installation, purchasing of components from various manufacturers and specialised training of personnel.

Process architecture in the toolroom setup

Walter Multiply does not only consider tool assembly in the toolroom setup. A sustainable solution strategy developed with Walter Multiply therefore always begins with a broad process analysis:

  • How are the individual production stages interrelated?
  • What are the individual parameters?
  • Where is the potential?
  • How can optimum tool flow be maintained on a permanent basis?
  • How are all stages recorded and converted into transparent, continuous documentation?


But Walter Multiply does not only pose the key questions – it also provides made-to-measure answers:

  • Tool assembly
  • Tool measurement
  • How can optimum tool flow be maintained on a permanent basis?
  • Documentation


The Walter Multiply operator model

For some companies it may be worthwhile to concentrate exclusively on their own strengths in the production department. The toolroom remains an indispensable means to this end. A company's core expertise, however, may lie in other fields. Walter Multiply can ensure smooth operation for these companies over and above the pure development of a modern toolroom.

Experienced Walter Multiply personnel analyse each individual tool in the toolroom and check the respective performance for any indicators which can be used to draw conclusions about the efficiency of an entire production process. Staff shortages at this critical juncture are a thing of the past thanks to the Walter Multiply operator model.