What we stand for

What we stand for

Walter Multiply

​​With Walter Multiply, our customers' processes are our focal point. Instead of ​conventional tool optimisation, we put the entire process under the ​microscope. From tool procurement via supply and implementation, through to reconditioning, Multiply guarantees you maximum productivity and the opportunity to focus on your core competences.

As a competence partner, we combine your production expertise with our knowledge about the Walter Group's innovative and efficient tools, and use them side by side to provide a continuous and sustainable boost to your productivity.

As part of this, we offer you made-to-measure solutions from a single source, without any unnecessary interfaces or service components. Walter Multiply are your point of contact to guide you through the entire process; ​we are here to help and support you with a collaborative, systematic and targeted approach to get the most out of your production process.

Walter Multiply – Your competence partner

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