Great – even on smaller screens!

More than 50 % of today’s online-access is done via mobile devices like tablets or smartphones. As one of the first in line, Walter is responding to this growing trend.

Effective immediately, the Walter web platform will be utilizing “Responsive Web Design” (RWD). RWD automatically adjusts the content of the web page to the display size of the device. Thus preserving functionality and adapting the detailed content of the original site (e.g. drawings). Even the user interface, like mouse or touch screen, is adapted by RWD to the type of device.

Benefits for the users: Handling becomes more comfortable and familiar. Walter customers can now access web based content in a variety of formats, equally as well on their smartphone, tablets or personal computers. Regardless of whether the user would like to share files or search and order products on the integrated TOOLSHOP, it is now just a few clicks or swipes away.