Dual system, better cooling

When grooving and parting off, the cutting edges are exposed to high mechanical and thermal stresses. Effective cooling and lubrication is therefore imperative.

With its new precision cooling system, Walter has achieved ground-breaking results: The new reinforced parting blades from the G2042 series of the Walter Cut System are provided with a dual internal coolant supply which accurately targets the flank face and rake face. The result: A constant optimum operating temperature and chip control.

The coolant channel on the rake face runs through the top clamp. The point of emission is therefore as close as possible to the cutting edge. The SX grooving inserts are flow optimised and fixed with a positive-locking system. Together, these features cause the coolant jet to target the centre of the chip formation site at full power. Regardless of how deeply the parting blade penetrates the workpiece, tool life and process reliability remain at the highest level. This type of cooling also ensures that the lubricating film does not tear off, which creates end faces with a very high surface finish quality. The G2042 parting blades with precision cooling are suitable for cutting depths of up to 33 mm.​