The shoulder milling cutter becomes an all-rounder

​The Xtra·te​​​c® F4042/F4042R shoulder milling cutter is one of the most universal representatives in its category. The 90 degree approach angle tool is capable of shoulder milling, ramping, pocketing , facing and interpolating.. Now , with a new wiper indexable insert which is fitted instead of a conventional indexable insert, the F4042 has extended its field of application once again. The main features of the new wiper insert: precision-ground, double-edged, has positive geometry, axial projection and requires no adjustment.

​As a result, the F4042/F4042R becomes not only a roughing and finishing face milling cutter that enables the production of outstanding surfaces (Ra down to 0.2μ) , when fitted with the wiper indexable insert, it also fulfils all the prerequisites necessary for turn-milling. And let's not forget that at the end of the day, the user is spared the effort and expense of additional work steps and tools. On occasion, he will be able to perform complete machining operations on just one machine, while also enjoying an overall reduction in expenditure.

A variety of​ different cutting tool materials allow the tool to be used for machining steel, cast iron difficult-to-cut material workpieces. The F4042/F4042R is consequently suitable for all metalworking industries.