Productivity and process reliability to the power of three

With its T2711/T2712 indexable insert thread milling cutter, Walter is launching a completely new tool for machining larger threads with nominal diameters of 24 mm and above, with multiple cutting rows and an adjustable coolant supply with selectable radial or axial coolant outlets.

The new milling cutter is equipped with specifically developed thread milling inserts having three cutting edges apiece, soft-cutting geometry and a special chip breaker designed for thread milling. It can be used universally for thread depths of up to 2.5 × DN and a pitch range of 1.5 mm to 6 mm or 18-4 TPI, and is suitable for all materials from the ISO material groups P, M, K, S and H up to 55 HRC.

Multiple thread sections can be machined simultaneously with high cutting parameters, enabling machining times comparable to those of thread tapping and forming to be achieved. However, in addition to quick machining, users also benefit from the high process reliability of the thread milling process and the cost benefits of an indexable insert tool. Alongside ease of handling and excellent thread quality, the high level of productivity at low cost per thread is the greatest benefit of this tool for its users. In a test involving large-scale crankshaft machining, the new thread milling cutter reduced costs by 60%.

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