Walter eLibrary. Your digital library when you're on the go.

Finding the right tool for your application within seconds?

Benefiting from all the functionalities which only digital media can offer to you? For the users of the Walter eLibrary that is no problem! It gives you access to catalogs as well as brochures in 17 languages. The Walter eLibrary app is available online, for download on iPads or Android platforms as well as the newly launched desktop version for Windows machines.

There are numerous added benefits available to the eLibrary app users:

  • Search all online documents
  • Bookmark and show content by individual names
  • Select pages from different files and generate a common printable pdf-file.
  • With the Walter e-Library-app you can create your own digital library – independent from the operation system on your device.


Along with the New Windows version, the Walter eLibrary app​ is also available for download on iPads or Android platforms.