Dual precision cooling for Walter Cut deep parting blades

The new Walter Cut deep parting blades G2042..N-P are making an impact thanks to dual precision cooling: The coolant flows through the adaptor and blade, exiting at the rake and flank faces directly at the cutting zone.

Benefits: Significantly reduced tool wear rate, excellent chip evacuation and much higher cutting data On stainless materials, steel and high temperature alloys, dual precision cooling will extend tool life by up to 200%. With the same tool life, it can increase cutting speeds by up to 50%. The main highlight of the new system is the use of coolant transfer: It can be fitted from both sides without any installation aid and reliably guides the coolant into the blade without any protrusion on the outer blade face.

Walter has applied for a patent for this new application. The Walter Cut deep parting blade G2042..N-P can be used for grooving and parting off on virtually all types of lathes. This is because it works effectively from a coolant pressure of 10 bar right up to a maximum of 80 bar. The neutral design also means that it can be used universally.

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