Walter is on track for smart factory

Walter is continuing to progress towards a digital, networked factory. A key component of this is the Walter Tool·ID Solution, which is currently being tested by a customer for the first time.

This solution allows the user to transfer tool data from the pre-setting device to the machine and to evaluate the parameters that are run on the machine. The data is assigned to the tool via an identifier, for example a laser-engraved data matrix code, on the tool.

The Tool·ID Solution saves the user time, improves the reliability of their processes and provides them with an insight into the real application of tools in production. A system is being developed alongside this solution that provides a comprehensive insight into production. This system allows all the accessible data within the production environment to be viewed and processed according to user group. The direction the system should pursue is currently being specified in consultation with customers. The first pilot customers are due to implement the system in the near future.

"In future, the user will be able to view, combine and evaluate data at the touch of a button – even using apps on a smartphone or tablet," explains Holger Langhans, Director of Walter Multiply. "This gives them a complete view of the processes in real time, which reduces downtime and processing times and prevents damage to components and equipment. These apps could be offered via a platform that functions in a similar way to the App Store."

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