New milling cutters complete the line

In 2015, Walter AG first introduced the Advance line of solid carbide milling cutters onto the market as standard tools; these tools are designed to combine long tool life with cost-effective production.

The existing 250 solid carbide milling cutters (mainly for shoulder and slot milling) will be joined by another 252 milling cutters, spread across 12 milling cutter families. This means that the Advance line can now be used universally for any milling application: Shoulder milling, slot milling, copy milling and profile milling.

The new milling cutter types boast the same effective geometries, coupled with Walter's own high-performance WJ30TF grade. Their cost-effectiveness and excellent performance, coupled with the broad product range, offer up to 50% longer tool life and make the Advance line milling cutters a good choice, particularly for medium-sized batches and series production. This is also in part due to their universal application, any industry and any material in ISO material groups P, M, K and S.

Advanced line​​​

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