Targeted cooling – directly beneath the chip

Stainless materials are becoming increasingly important, and not only in the food industry and medical engineering.

Walter is providing a completely new type of coolant jet guiding insert geometry for machining both ISO M and ISO S materials in the form of the RM5 geometry: Deep, parallel twin coolant channels convey the coolant even closer to the cutting edge, directly beneath the chip. The result: Maximum cooling – and therefore a considerably longer tool life for roughing operations than was previously possible.

The new RM5 geometry in the current ISO basic shapes combines design features, such as the double positive macro-geometry, with Walter's own Tiger·tec® Silver coating featuring a PVD-Al2O3 heat shield. In addition to the unique profile of the coolant channels, the RM5 geometry includes two other features which increase tool life. The new cutting edge design also reduces crater wear, as well as the formation of workpiece material build-up on the cutting edge and the occurrence of notching.

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