Robust reinforcement for grooving

The G1041..R/L-C-P is the latest parting-blade offered from Walter AG. Due to the reinforced shank and the screw clamping system, the blade has excellent stability and constant clamping force, which is particularly advantageous when space is limited, e.g. when using spindles with large diameters or tools with large projections.

Its integrated precision cooling cools both the rake and flank surfaces exactly where it is needed. Combined with Tigertec Silver indexable inserts, the tool has demonstrated a two- to four times increase in tool life for parting off operations. Vibration, chip jams and tool breakage, which would normally be a common occurrence given less than optimal conditions, are now a thing of the past. A higher quality surface finish is another of the benefits of this new design.

Suitable for use in all materials, Walter's G1041..R/L-C-P parting blade will be available on the market in blade heights of 26-32 mm and parting widths of 2-4 mm for diameters of up to 65 mm. Optimum cooling is achieved directly on the cutting edge starting from a coolant pressure as low as 10 bar; up to pressures of 80 bar. The productivity boost that comes with increased process parameters, extended tool life and significantly longer tool change intervals makes the G1041..R/L-C-P the top choice for mass production on machines with bar loaders.

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