The new Walter Online Catalogue

The Walter online catalogue for product-related tool searches is one of the three most important digital Walter media. In addition, the Walter GPS "machining navigation system" for application-based searches and the Walter e-Paper or e-Library for document-related searches are available. They differ primarily in how and for what they are used. The content of all three media is displayed in responsive web design format, meaning it always adapts to whatever device you are using.

Now with new functions

The Walter online catalogue contains every single product in the Walter range: It boasts a new and improved product search function – you can now perform a full-text search, search by order number or search by product name – as well as numerous filter functions for technical characteristics. The clear layout of the contents page is the same as that in the printed catalogue. This plus optimal TOOLSHOP integration gives you a huge range of options for ordering from Walter.

Benefits for you

  • Everything in the product range – up to date at all times (including assembly parts and accessories)
  • Product data: 2D drawings, 3D models, PDF documents
  • Hierarchical search structure (same as the printed catalogue)
  • Enhanced search and filter functions
  • Optimum TOOLSHOP integration (following login): Net prices, availability, etc.
  • Available in 20 languages

Go to the Walter online catalogue

Walter ePapers / The Walter eLibrary

Can be used either online (as an ePaper) or online and offline (with the eLibrary app) on any device. As with the print versions, there are search and browsing functions, but also links between pages within the medium.

Walter GPS

Is designed to help users find the perfect solution – both on- and offline. The program suggests the optimum tool(s) for any application, including cutting data and a cost-efficiency calculation (e.g. the cost per part). Material specifications are also factored in.