Twice as cost -efficient up to a diameter of 65 mm

With the GX34 grooving inserts, Walter is launching indexable inserts specifically for deep grooving and parting off up to a diameter of 65 mm.

The double-edged inserts can be used in monoblock tools as well as grooving tools with a reinforced blade. They are especially suited for tight spaces and large tool projections. The GX34 grooving inserts are clamped with screws, thereby enabling significantly more stable grooving operations than single-edged, self-clamping solutions. The biggest advantage of the double-edged GX34 inserts, besides the great cutting depths up to a diameter of 65 mm (the conventional machine size for fixed headstock lathes), is in their cost efficiency. Compared to single-edged systems, the price per cutting edge is significantly reduced.

Thanks to the long insert guide, the indexable inserts with a length of 34 mm for insert widths of 3–4 mm enable high surface quality and plane parallelism. The integrated Walter precision cooling ensures high process reliability and short set-up times, as there is no need to align the cooling nozzles. Users can choose between three different chip formation geometries: CF5 for low to moderate feeds, GD6 for moderate feeds and CE4 for moderate to high feeds. Another special feature is the versatility of the Walter Cut G1041...R/L-P parting blades with a reinforced shank and blade heights of 26–32 mm and the Walter Cut G1011...R/L-P monoblock tools for shank sizes of 20–25 mm, both with precision cooling on the rake and flank face. The new GX34 inserts are especially advantageous for users in the supply industry and in general mechanical engineering.

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