Absolute flexibility for large threads

With the combination of the new T2713 indexable-insert thread milling cutter and the new thread milling cutter insert with D61 geometry, Walter AG is introducing a tool concept that, as the company puts it, achieves unparalleled results.

The T2713 requires less radial cutting force than comparable milling cutters and consistently manages even long overhangs. While the multiple-row variants T2711 and T2712 aim for maximum productivity by processing multiple thread sections in parallel, the focus for the single-row T2713 lies on the greatest possible flexibility during use: With the new addition, the range of milling cutters can now be continuously used for threads from M24 to M85 or UNC 1 to UNC 3½ in 3 × DN. The tool offers absolute flexibility for various thread pitches and lengths, both for metric and imperial threads, and is simultaneously more productive and reliable than the competition. The T2713 achieves its developers' ambitious aim through special technical features: Flutes ensure good chip evacuation and prevent the tool being deflected from its course. This results in a perfectly cylindrical thread – even for large overhangs.

Even though the T2713 is designed with fewer teeth, it is more cost-effective than many competitor products. This is thanks to another new feature on the thread milling cutter inserts: The D61 geometry with an anti-vibration land on the flank face. It suppresses vibrations, for example in difficult clamping arrangements or for long tool projections. The adaptor side of the milling cutter is universal thanks to two common interfaces: Walter CaptoTM and Weldon.

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