Top performance on turbine blades

Walter AG is expanding its Tiger tec® Gold portfolio with the addition of a new grade that is designed for the complexities of machining turbine blades.

The new WMP45G grade, available as round indexable inserts for the F2334R copy milling cutter, was conceived specifically for face milling and copy milling of martensitic and austenitic stainless steels. The innovative combination of a heat-resistant yet tough substrate with a TiAIN coating layer, applied using an ultra-low-pressure process (ULP-CVD), is unique on the current market and sets the benchmark in CVD coating technology. The grade is available in three different geometries – D57, D67 and F67 – to suit the stability of the machine, clamping arrangement and workpiece geometry.

The performance of the WMP45G is as unique as the grade itself: According to Walter, the number of turbine blades customarily milled in helirough and Z-level machining processes is between 20 and 50 percent higher than the rest of the market. Further to this, it also boasts the well-known benefits of the Tiger·tec® Gold grades, including high process reliability and good wear detection. Walter recommends using the WMP45G when cutting parameters are high and tool life is long in order to reduce machining time. The new "turbine blade grade" will therefore be of particular interest to customers with high order volumes and high machine output.

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