Endless threading

The Prototex® Eco Plus from the competence brand Walter Prototyp really stands out among through-hole taps. Above all, this is due to their universal application combined with outstanding performance.Thanks to new manufacturing techniques, Walter AG has succeeded in further optimising this multi-talented tool. Like the Paradur® Eco Plus – its counterpart for blind-hole threads – the Walter Prototyp Prototex® Eco Plus has a wide field of application.

This tool, which is designed specifically for through-hole threads up to 3.5xD, is manufactured from HSS-E-PM. It can be used for components of steel (ISO-P), stainless materials (ISO-M) up to 1350 N/mm2 , cast iron workpieces (ISO-K), especially GJS/GGG, and non-ferrous metals (ISO-N), for example, AL wrought alloys, AlSi alloys with up to 12% Si content, and Cu wrought alloys or pure copper.

Such versatility means that this tool is of interest to all machining sectors. In other words, in companies that have a wide range of products, this all-rounder can, if necessary, reduce tool changes on the machine and reduce the range of tools that are held in stock. A new, special type of pre-treatment for the cutting tool material results in an improved surface which, in turn, leads to improved adhesion of the THL hard material coating.