Unbeatably quick tools

Special tools are becoming increasingly important for efficient production – from special diameters through to stepped tools. However, effective solutions often fail to deliver because of the time factor. That is why, at Walter Xpress, we take our own name literally – and work at full speed to deliver our service.
Special solutions for solid carbide drills and milling cutters, as well as drilling and milling tools with indexable inserts, are the core competence of Walter Xpress. Along with high quality standards, speed is the primary focus. The sooner the special tool gets to the customer, the more economical the manufacturing process will be. Therefore, two weeks is already Walter's standard delivery time for solid carbide tools. Walter Xpress is now following suit with indexable insert tools and can deliver the entire range of products within three weeks instead of four, as was previously the case.
Walter is reducing delivery times and, at the same time, expanding the product range: In addition to the already extensive range, Walter Xpress now offers additional variants of tool adaption (Capto, steep taper) and standard ISO indexable inserts (CC.., TC.., SC.., DC, etc.), also as an "express" service.

An amazing 25% faster: Frank Hessner, Project Manager for Walter Xpress, explains how it is possible to stick to the new schedule:

"An important element at Xpress is the automated ordering process as well as deadline and capacity planning for the order. Initially, an Xpress special tool is fully configured by the customer or a Walter representative in an on-screen entry form. When the quote has been created – after 24 hours at the latest– everything required for production is already available: NC-programme, production drawings, 3D models, etc. When the order is placed, the data is sent directly to the next available machine and production begins.