Our solutions service concept

Your reliable route to greater productivity

On average, the tools account for only 4 to 6% of the costs in a modern production environment. What is often overlooked here is that a truly efficient tool in conjunction with Walter Multiply solutions for production and logistics can affect up to 80% of production costs. A leverage effect with enormous potential for optimisation.

At the heart of our concept is the implementation of cost-efficient machining strategies on the basis of an in-depth analysis by experienced employees with many years of industrial expertise. Their mandate does not end merely with the consultation report, but only after the production environment has been successfully commissioned, at the very earliest.

Implementing the processes on-site for the customer

Walter AG's process engineers are there for you on-site across the world.
Our experts not only support the installation and commissioning of new processes for our customers' machines – they also further optimise them.

"The Walter service concept for process redesign or optimisation allows us to effectively implement the decisive measures."

Harry Scherer, Walter expert in production solutions