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Product innovations in drilling

New CC..1605..-E47 indexable insert – universal counterboring with a clean cut.

  • The new CC..1605 covers larger diameter ranges
  • High process reliability due to excellent chip breaking across the entire cutting depth range, as well as stable insert thickness
  • Ideally suited for highly variable depths of cut
  • Higher cutting data due to use of Tiger·tec® Silver
  • Longer tool life thanks to optimum geometry design
  • ARS cartridges for axially and radially offset counterboring

FR760/FR761/FR763 precision boring cartridge – precision down to the smallest detail.

  • Two programming variants – adjustment steps: 0.01 mm and NEW: 0.002 mm
  • Reliable and easy to use with error-free readings
  • Backlash-free adjustment in "+" and "-" directions
  • Backlash < 2 µm
  • No need for locking
  • Low-maintenance
  • Easy to integrate into custom solutions

DC170 Supreme – visibly different, completely reliable.

  • Increased productivity due to 50% longer tool life with 35% higher workpiece values (in comparison to conventional solid carbide drill bits) – now also in 25 x Dc and 30 x Dc
  • Better component quality due to the drill being continuously guided at the circumference
  • Reduced manufacturing costs thanks to optimum tool use (the number of grooves indicates the regrind status of the drill)
  • Maximum carbide mass for maximum process reliability
  • 360° coolant coverage for maximum cooling effect