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Tool innovations in drilling


​​​​​​​​​​Walter drilling grade WSP45G – Tiger·tec® Gold is pushing the boundaries.

  • Latest HIPIMS coating for maximum tool life
  • Maximum metal removal rate thanks to five cutting edges​​
  • Optimal geometry for demanding titanium machining
  • Lower vibration thanks to differential pitch
  • High level of process reliability as the shank is designed to protect against being pulled out​

D4120 indexable insert drill – perfect performance and precision

  • High precision in drilled hole diameter thanks to precise balancing of the cutting forces between the centre and outer insert
  • Excellent surface quality due to wiper cutting edge
  • Easy chip removal provides maximum process reliability
  • Hardened and polished surfaces offer protection against friction
  • Low cutting material costs due to four cutting edges​

Lateral/tangential P4440 indexable inserts – flexible all-rounder for all depths of cut.

  • Maximum productivity and shorter machining times due to higher feeds for each tooth and the combination of several machining operations in one tool 
  • Long tool life and flexible use thanks to customer-specific design 
  • High level of process reliability thanks to excellent chip breaking ​