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Product innovations in milling

Tiger▪tec® Gold – the new technology platform from Walter. Go for better, go for Gold.

With Tiger▪tec® Gold, Walter's high-performance milling tools are achieving an unprecedented level of productivity:

  • Significantly longer tool life due to optimised wear characteristics
  • Optimum cutting data due to a reduction in visible wear rate
  • Maximum process reliability thanks to the tough cutting edge
  • Gold-coloured top layer provides optimum wear detection


MD133 Supreme milling cutter family – specially designed for the dynamic milling strategy

  • High process reliability in unmanned machining
  • Maximum productivity due to optimal metal removal rate with reduced machining times
  • Maximum tool life as the entire cutting length is used and wear behaviour is uniform
  • High level of flexibility thanks to various groove widths and corner radii with one tool diameter
  • No problems working with difficult-to-cut materials or under unstable conditions (machine, workpiece, clamping)

M4003 face milling cutter with new system indexable insert – four cutting edges for one-of-a-kind surfaces.

High level of cost efficiency:

  • System indexable insert suitable for universal use
  • Reduced procurement and inventory costs
  • Four cutting edges per indexable insert
  • Reduction of machining steps by combining roughing and finishing

Concept requiring minimum resources:

  • CO2-compensated production thanks to climate protection projects
  • Low power requirement thanks to highly positive geometries

Tiger▪tec® Silver​​​