News turning & Grooving and parting off

Tool innovations in turning


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Walter Turn W1011-P/WL25 copy turning system – combines maximum stability with cost-efficiency.

  • High level of dimensional stability thanks to positive-locking, robust Walter Turn connection 
  • A cost-effective approach: Lower tool costs thanks to three cutting edges 
  • Increased tool life and indexing repeatability in copy turning operations​
  • High level of flexibility: Four indexable insert types fit in the same tool  ​​


FW5 and MW5 wiper geometries – the next generation of universal wiper geometries.

  • Consistently good surfaces throughout the entire tool life 
  • FW5 wiper geometries can also be used on components with long overhangs thanks to the reduced cutting pressure​
  • Reduced machining time by increasing the feed by up to 300?% with the same surface quality​


Walter Cut G4011-P, G4014-P and G4041-P grooving systems: Grooving and recessing – fast and universal.

  • Reliable thanks to unique DX positive engagement design (no incorrect fitting of the cutting insert) 
  • G4011: High degree of flexibility – universal tool for all machining operations 
  • G4014: 70?% Tool change time reduced thanks to SmartLock and simple insert changeover in the machine​
  • G4041: Greater stability and lower vibration thanks to reinforced parting blades with screw clamping ​