For reaming operations, we offer standard reamers and special solutions for all common dimensions with H6 tolerance and all common materials.

Facts and advantages:

standard reamers

  • with parallel shank and guide pads (solid carbide + Cermet)
  • for all common dimensions with H6 tolerance
  • for drilling through holes and blind holes with a defined selection of indexable insert geometries
  • for all common workpiece materials


Special solutions

  • special versions of reaming tools with indexable inserts and guide pads are available for the most diverse of machining operations, including: camshafts and crankshafts, bearing bores, all the way up to valve guide machining
  • depending on requirements, various cutting tool material grades, geometries, pad materials, different step profiles and interfaces, such as compensating adaptors, can be incorporated into the tool concept to meet the strictest roundness, cylindricity and quality requirements
  • reamers with steps: stepped reamers enable a high degree of accuracy with concentricity requirements in the tolerance range from IT5 to IT7
  • reamers with compensating adaptor: for critical tool projections or when working with machine-based restrictions