​​​When powerful arguments are required, Walter BLAXX with Tiger·tec®Silver provides the answer without compromise. With Walter BLAXX and Tiger·tec®Silver, the new generation of mills from Walter has established an impressive system – a system that has long been sought after from the market by demanding cutting machine tool operators.

With the Walter BLAXX F5041/F5141 and F5241 a new generation of shoulder mills, Walter is putting its money on the combination of critical features which, when working together, are designed for productivity and process reliability:

  • the strong basis is created by wear-protected tool bodies which have ​received special surface treatment
  • Walter BLAXX is the first milling system from Walter that combines the benefits of tangential milling systems with the performance data of Tiger·tec®Silver indexable inserts to create an unbeatable combination
  • with four spiral, positive cutting edges per indexable insert, a precise angle of 90° on the work piece and an incredibly robust body, Walter BLAXX has redefined the concepts of productivity and process reliability in shoulder milling

Tiger▪tec® Silver​​​