The Walter Prototyp Paradur® HSC is a new high performance solid carbide tap for creating blind hole threads in steel materials. With its special cutting geometry and reduced helix, this precision tool guarantees excellent chip breaking, even when working with long-chipping materials. With a concentricity of less than 10 µm, this tap guarantees excellent thread quality.

Facts and advantages:

  • special micrograin carbide with high wear resistance and cutting edge strength, optimised for toughness
  • graded TiCN multi-layer hard material coating for extremely high cutting speeds and a long tool life
  • minimum production costs per thread thanks to 3-times higher cutting speeds over HSS taps
  • fewer tool changes and optimum machine output resulting from significantly longer tool life
  • high degree of process reliability thanks to perfect chip breaking (no bird nesting) in higher strength materials and hard machining operations