When machining materials that are difficult to cut (ISO S), there is a wider range of workpiece materials than with steel and cast iron machining. Walter has therefore developed two geometry ranges for ISO S machining. Walter NMS and NRS for high temperature alloys, such as Inconel 718, and Walter NFT, NMT and NRT for titanium alloys, such as Ti6Al4V.

The main sign of wear when machining high temperature alloys is the formation of notches and cutting edge build-up. In contrast to this, in titanium machining, indexable inserts must above all be resistant to crater wear.

Facts and advantages:

  • low cutting pressure for reliable machining of unstable components (e.g. turbine housings)
  • reduced heat development when machining highly heat-resistant alloys
  • up to 150% increases in tool life for NMS and NRS geometries thanks to Tiger•tec® WSM10 and WSM20 coating.
  • NMS geometry - medium machining/semi-finishing
  • NRS geometry - roughing