With the combination of new grades and new geometries, Walter has created a new generation of cutting tool materials: The Tiger▪tec® Silver ISO K generation.

For this, we have combined the unique Tigertec Silver CVD cutting material (WKK10S, WKK20S) with a geometry family consisting of three designs: MK5 for general iron machining RK5 for heavier iron machining conditions RK7 for very robust machining conditions

Facts and advantages

  • Reduction in tool costs thanks to an increase in tool life by up to 75 percent, with further increases in individual cases
  • Short process times as a result of extremely high cutting speed from the Tiger·tec® Silver technology and MK5, RK5, RK7 geometry
  • Increased process reliability due to post-grinding of the contact surface and mechanical post-treatment for machining interrupted cuts and casting skins

Tiger▪tec® Silver​​